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If you would like to learn more about me and explore the different options available, please contact me by phone, text or email. We can then arrange a no obligation conversation to see whether you feel coaching could help.

I offer a limited number of 'pay what you can afford' sessions each month. Please get in touch to check availability for these.

Coaching sessions take place via Zoom or in person in the North London area.


Session one - 90 minutes - £100

Subsequent sessions 45-60 minutes £60 each or £150 for three

11-18 year olds

30 minute contracting and safeguarding session for parents + session one for children - 45-60 minutes - £90

Subsequent sessions 45 minutes £50 each or £120 for three


Session one for parents - 90 minutes - £100

Subsequent sessions for parents and 11-18 year olds

45-60 minutes  £60 each for parents or £150 for three


45 minutes £50 each for 11-18 year olds or £120 for three

Final session with parents - 45-60 minutes - £60


£360 for six 45 minute sessions with up to 8 children. Group or 1-1.

Each half term I offer ONE school this programme free of charge. Please get in touch to check availability.

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