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About me


I work as a coach because I believe in young people. I believe in their capacity to understand their thoughts and feelings and to communicate effectively with the adults in their lives. I also believe in their right to an education which enables them to thrive.  

It is internationally recognised that British secondary school children have low levels of life satisfaction (OECD). Over 20% are persistently absent from school (see here for up to date figures) and over a million UK children sought treatment for mental health difficulties last year. Systems set up to support our children and young people cannot meet demand and the involvement of other professionals can feel like a hindrance not a help. The worry and strain of this affects the whole family. Parents tell me they feel overwhelmed, alone and exhausted by the constant struggle to manage tensions at home and to secure the necessary support for their child.

As a former secondary school classroom teacher and 1-1 tutor, I understand the ways schools function and the negative impact this can have on young people. Difficulties in attending school can be a rational response to an environment that some children find unbearable. Schools, teachers and parents often buy into the misguided notion that improving attendance will solve the problem and, if this doesn't work, positions can become polarised given the pressure everybody feels.

My coaching work aims to bridge the gap between schools and families by creating a space where both can come together and work towards a common goal: understanding what the child is experiencing and making a plan to improve things. There are many exciting possibilities here, including flexibilities that schools can offer which they may not know about and an ever increasing wealth of educational options outside school for families wanting to consider them. 

If you'd like a non-judgemental space to work through these challenges with a compassionate and knowledgable coach, please get in touch for an initial no-obligation chat to see if I can help.

My background

Following an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, I worked as a secondary school English teacher in London comprehensives. When I had my three children I wanted greater flexibility so moved to one-to-one tutoring, increasingly taking on the role of mentor and coach for teenagers and their parents. I formally retrained in 2019 and am now approved as a coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics for codes of practice, ethics and confidentiality, I have an Enhanced DBS on the update service and I am registered with the IOC for GDPR.

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